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Looking for a safe, or trusted Japanese online shop on where you can buy Japanese goods like Manga, Action Figure, Games and etc.? Here are some trusted Japanese online shop on where you can buy Japanese goods or products.

List of Trusted Japanese Online Shop


    Play-Asia a Trusted Japanese Online Shop Screenshot
    PLAY-ASIA.COM have lots of Japanese Games for PS4, 3DS, Wii U, PC and a lot more. They also have English Video Games, Asian Version(Some games are subtitled and dub in english, some are not but Asian Version is a little bit cheaper, I don’t know why though). You can also pre-ordered games that will come out in the near future.

    They may seem to focus on selling video games but they also sell Japanese goods like Movies, Music, Toys, Books, Gadgets, Accessories, Backpacks, Apparel and more. One of my manga actually came from them (haven’t read it though because I had trouble reading most of the kanji).

    About their reliability, I could say that are really legit and a trusted Japanese online shop because I once purchased from them on February 2016. What I buy from them is a PS4 game named Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna that was released on Feb 18, 2016 (I am Setsuna in English) and a manga, “Ano Natsu Ni Kaeshite” that was released on Feb 15, 2016. The PS4 game and the Manga that I bought is both pre-ordered. I pre-ordered the two goods on February 12, 2016 but because the Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna was released on Feb 18, 2016, my order started shipping on Feb 18, 2016 also. The delivery only takes 2-3 days before I got it. I’m from the Philippines and I received my order on Feb 20, 2016. They have two option for shipping method one is “Economy” around $5 and usually takes 3-5 weeks before you got your order and the other is “Express” around $10 and usually takes 2-4 days before you got your order. More info about their shipping options here

    My package was delivered safely straight to our house. I also paid the taxes for Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna which is a video game but books or manga imported from other country like Ano Natsu Ni Kaeshite are tax exempted here in the Philippines. The tax that I paid is around 500 PHP or around $10, I also paid FedEx Storage fee which is also around 500 PHP.

    Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna and Ano Natsu Ni Kaeshite from a trusted Japanese online shop
    Beside Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna and Ano Natsu Ni Kaeshite, also gave me some freebies like stickers and discount coupon that I can use in my next purchase.

    Proof my purchase: Proof of my purchase to prove that they're a Trusted Japanese Online Shop

    Delivery Proof: Delivery proof to prove that they're a Trusted Japanese Online Shop

  • CDJapan (

    CDJapan Trusted Japanese Online Shop Screenshot
    CDJapan mostly sell JPop, Japanese anime, music, movies, and game music releases CDs and DVDs straight from Japan. CDJapan also sells Books, Magazine, Console Video Games, Apparel, Gadgets, Toys, Japanese craft and a lot more.

    CDJapan was the first trusted Japanese online shop that I purchased from. Most of their customers buy CDs or DVDs album of their favorite Japanese singer, bands, or idols, but what I buy from them are 7 volumes of manga, “Koe no Katachi“. I purchased my order on Jan 17, 2016, then I choose “Registered SAL Small Packet” as my shipping method which usually takes 1-3 weeks to get your packaged delivered to your country (more info about their shipping options: here).

    Unfortunately after over 1 month of waiting, my package has not arrived yet. So I contacted their support through email. I sent my email Feb 22, 2016 9:00 pm and I got response next day morning immediately and that was impressive. Not only that they clearly explained the detail, why my order didn’t arrived yet, They also gave me a logged list of current delay here in the Philippines that their other customers reported. They say that there is always a delay in Philippines custom office and SAL packages are treated with the minimum amount of priority. Then I humbly replied to their response and I cannot do anything but to wait.

    After almost 3 weeks, a notice (like this) from postal office was delivered to our house and to get my package I have to go to the postal office that was written on the notice (More info about claiming package to Philippine postal office here). I did not pay any taxes because books imported from other country are tax exempted here in the Philippines but I pay 50 PHP or around $1 for storage fee.

    These are the manga that I bought from CDJapan
    Koe no Katachi from CDJapan a Trusted Japanese Online Shop

    Proof of Purchase:
    Proof of my purchase from CDJapan a Trusted Japanese Online shop

What do you guys think about these two trusted Japanese online shop? If you have any reaction or questions just put your comment below. 🙂

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