Interesting Gadgets in Kickstarter

I checked some projects in Kickstarter these past few months and I found these interesting gadgets. Some of these projects are already fully funded and some are not yet reach their funding goal. If you think these gadgets are also interesting you could look at their kickstarter page on how to buy or support them reach their funding goal.

Interesting Gadgets

  • PlantSitter – The World’s Smartest Plant Monitoring System

    PlantSitter an Interesting Gadgets Website Screenchot
    Are you growing plants right now or gets interested in growing a plants in the future but you don’t know how to proper take care of them? Well, PlantSitter will help you do that.

    The PlantSitter is a portable device that make sure your plants “stay alive” no matter how exotic and demanding they are. It connects your plants to your smart device and basically enables them to “talk” to you every time they need something. – Based on their Kickstarter Page

    PlantSitter an Interesting Gadgets

    PlantSitter will began to measure the following as soon as it’s inserted into the soil Soil Moisture, Soil Nutrition, Temperature, and Sunlight. PlantSitter can be connected through bluetooth using  your nearby smart device (like smartphone, tablets, and etc.) and you can install PlantSitter app called MiGrow, available on Google Play and App Store.

    User can set their daily schedules and tasks according to MiGrow Databases. Besides measuring, and getting data from PlantSitter, MiGrow also gives your plant a profile like Facebook or Friendster(Old School :D) .

    More Info about PlantSitter project here:
    Kickstarter page
    PlantSitter/MiGrow Website

  • Panoporter: World’s First Live Chat 360° Video Camera

    Panoporter Interesting Gadgets Logo360 Camera is starting to get popular, and Panoporter is one of them. In Panoporter you can have 24/7 live video streaming and recording in a 360 degree HD view. You can also chat while video streaming like Skype.

    Panoporter an Interesting Gadgets App

    Use Panoporter as a security camera, add multiple of  them in different part of your house like Garage, Kitchen, Living Room and etc. You can see Panoporter streams and recorded videos through their app.

    To see more details about Panoporter go to their Kickstarter page: here

  • iBrush 365 ™ For Smart People

    iBrush 365 an Interesting Gadgets
    Looking for a toothbrush that can remove plaque better, and brush from gums to teeth just like dentists recommended? Then iBrush 365 ™ is the one you are looking for.

    iBrush 365 an Interesting Gadgets Demo
    Based on their Kickstarter page, iBrush 365 ™ uses round disc bristle design to reach tight spaces in your teeth, polish it, massage gums and clean your tongue. They also mention that you can charge iBrush 365 ™ with any USB plug in your desktop, laptop or wall outlet. If you are brushing two minutes twice a day then a fully charged iBrush 365 ™ can lasts for a month.

    To know more about iBrush 365 ™, check their Kickstarter page here


  • GYREO – The Ultimate Customisable Wireless Motion Gadget

    GYREO an Interesting Gadgets Image
    I find GYREO the most interesting gadget in these list. GYREO is a multi-purpose device for you to create different features and controlled by one app.

    You can use this GYREO for creating unique gestures for your presentation, play a game use GYREO as a wireless motion controller, use to measure anything with a simple roll, for selfie, as a security device, pet tracker and a lot more.

    GYREO an Interesting Gadgets Cat Tracker
    To know more details about GYREO check their Kickstarter page here

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Interesting Gadgets in Kickstarter
Checking projects in Kickstarter and I find these interesting gadgets. Check these list and check if you think these gadgets are also interesting.
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