Japanese Food Tour | Tokyo Beef Sukiyaki // With Solotravelblog

Japanese Food Tour | Tokyo Beef Sukiyaki // With Solotravelblog

In downtown Tokyo for lunch I tried something I’ve never had before which was Sukiyaki, or in English, hotpot. What an awesome unique thing to try. If you come to Japan you’ve don’t miss it.

Restuarant – 飛騨牛一頭家 馬喰一代 銀座

Sukiyaki (鋤焼?, or more commonly すき焼き) is a Japanese dish that is prepared and served in the nabemono (Japanese hot pot) style.

It consists of meat (usually thinly sliced beef) which is slowly cooked or simmered at the table, alongside vegetables and other ingredients, in a shallow iron pot in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin. The ingredients are usually dipped in a small bowl of raw, beaten eggs after being cooked in the pot, and then eaten.

Generally sukiyaki is a winter dish and it is commonly found at bōnenkai, Japanese year-end parties.


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